• Image of In Case of Fire Rescue My Records, Comic Books or Video Games Vinyl Sticker Decal

When the unthinkable happens, you always want to be prepared. Now, with these decals you can rest assured that if your house, trailer, storefront or bomb shelter were to spontaneously combust, emergency personnel will be alerted of your most precious cargo and know that they require immediate assistance

These 4.25" x 2.75" decals with their bright red, black and white beauty will catch the eye of firemen audiophiles, comic nerds, gamers and post-apocalyptic survivalists alike. Convenient blank spaces will allow you to write-in how many items you have horded away in your dusty abode. Order one for each door, window and chimney. Get one for the kid's treehouse. What about Aunt Clementine? Those Herb Alpert albums and Rom issues need to be brought to safety should things go haywire!