• Image of The Koopas Ultimate Collection! 2 Available! - Music, pins, sticker, more!

I had kept a couple extra copies of each of my old band The Koopas releases and some other goodies. I’ve pieced together two packs of all of the below items that are available for purchase for anyone who may be interested. You’ll get the following:

“When Opposites Attack” green vinyl first press 6 song 7” ep - limited to 100 - 2001

“Sex, Lies and Video Games” cdr full length - hand numbered limited to 100, screened insert and disc - 2001

“Demo” cdr - limited to 30, numbered - was only availble at shows - 2000

Set of 16 various different buttons through the years, including two oversized buttons from the last show (buttons may have rust/wear/aging as seen in photo)

Sticker! It’s a sticker!

Surprises! Will be throwing in some other stuff too for any purchase of one of the packs.

Free shipping included!

All tracks streaming/available for download at poppyrobbie.bandcamp.com as well.